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Key Level Score™  

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The Doodle Challenge

Stress is a detriment to many life areas and ultimately hinders wellness in personal and professional life. However, the nature of 'stress' often goes overlooked and the components / contributing factors remain ignored. A lack of understanding of what composes stress translates into a lack of successful treatment. It is critical that the stress be decomposed so that it can be treated more efficiently and effectively especially when it comes to better understanding the source of creative blocks when they occur.

Available for adult individuals, couples and teams, The KLS Score (Key Levels Score) is a proprietary wellness assessment created in partnership neuroscientists and psychologists that measures stress, burnout, disconnect and self-doubt both as individual scores and as a composite further the assessment can be used to compare sets of data for individuals, coups and teams. Playing The Doodle Challenge can lower or maintain your KLS score.

The most recent testing with the KLS Score was done during the Doodling for Love research study.

Wellness and treatment teams are better equipped than ever before with these metrics and can provide their personnel with higher levels

of stress treatment. Utilizing the component KLS metrics (stress subelements) also provides information for teams to target wellness programs based on pairs of these elements. For instance, stress levels alongside disconnect can provide an additional layer of understanding the nature of personnel stress.

For couples and those recovering from trauma this assessment could prove most useful.

If you are interested in taking the KLS please email

In the meantime feel free to let off some stress by trying out our other social project: The Stress Box - where you can let go what is weighing on you by anonymously sharing. 

Christina Kaputsos KLS


Stress is how you cope with your responsibilities and respond to changes in your life. It activates your body’s “flight or fight” response, which can make you feel tense and unable to relax. When you’re stressed, you may experience low energy levels or feel too overwhelmed to make a decision.

Christina Kaputsos KLS


Burnout is a feeling of exhaustion and apathy that can result from chronic stress. It’s often accompanied by a feeling that you have no control over your personal or professional responsibilities. Burnout can leave you feeling unmotivated to pursue your goals.

Christina Kaputsos KLS


Disconnect is the opposite of focus. When you’re experiencing disconnect, you may find it hard to emotionally engage with your work or personal responsibilities. High levels of disconnect can leave you easily distracted by your surroundings or your own intrusive thoughts.

Christina Kaputsos KLS


Self-doubt is the belief that you’re less competent than most other people in your personal or professional life. You may worry that you’re a bad parent, or that your coworkers are more productive than you. It’s associated with downplaying your accomplishments and ruminating on your failures.

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