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Reimagined Museum Experience   

Brand Development / Experience Design / Exhibit Design 

Ardeligo Gallery  

Ardeligo Gallery's objective is to provide visitors with a unique way to learn about history, technology. The space includes 8 gallery rooms, a cafe, digital lab, two classrooms, event and office spaces. Courses for adults, teens and children would also be offered. Each level of the Gallery has a main focus of history, technology and art.

Each visitor has the option of creating a user profile through the Ardeligo Gallery website/app. Through the use of a series of questions, an algorithm will determine the best experiences and route for the user during their visit based on their learning style and their interests. Their Learning Profile and experiences during the visit will be saved and built upon for their next visit. This will provide users with fresh experiences with every attendance. The gallery would partner with local colleges and startups to create new technologies for the exhibits providing vital ways for the community to engage. Ardeligo Gallery focuses on personalizing the visitor experience by engaging the visitor with their phone/tablet in addition to various touch screens, augmented reality and hands on exhibits, introducing a new way to learn at museums. 


Gamification will also be added to certain exhibits to enhance learning and retention of subject matter.  Teachers will be able to see what their students are learning during their visit, have group competitions and will be able to generate a report after to see what topics need to be reinforced in the classroom. People learn differently, people are unique and Ardeligo Gallery believes a museum visit should be tailored to each individual.

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