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How Many Scoops? Book & Product Line

Illustration / Copy / Layout / Product Design / Game Design / UX

Tyto Kids  

How Many Scoops? children's book aims to teach children to count to 10 as well as teach basic addition. The main character, the lovable Gator can't get enough ice-cream. Throughout the book, children count the ice-cream scoops as more pile on top of each other. 

Every product extension relates to the book and emphasizes counting to 10 with the potential lesson of adding and subtracting scoops. Products ranged from an i-Pad matching game, plush animal, online ice cream creator game, magnet set, paper toys and more. The book came as both a soft cover print book as well as an interactive e-book.


The How Many Scoops? product range also included a print matching game as shown below. 


Other products included posters in various languages, visors, plush gator, mug, stickers and magnet set.  


Memoy Match

The How Many Scoops? Memory match set was also adapted for the iPad.  


Along with the promotional website, The Create-A-Scoop game was also made.