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English Learning Program 

Creative Direction / Illustration / UX / Workbook Design

Learning InSync   

Learning InSync (LIS) is a US based start-up nongovernmental,

not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring best-practice educational opportunities for secondary school students and teachers worldwide.

The project called for creating successful culturally agnostic learning program material while collaborating with the company's global team. An adaptable solution was developed to allow for customization of the individual targeted countries by connecting to the local culture through photography and illustration that depicted everyday life in that specific country. This approach made learning the English language easier to grasp when using it to depict relatable subject matter. The

re-branding effort incorporated the concept of building bridges from country to country through the world's most common language: English. Social media and print collateral regarding program were localized as well. 


Directed re-branding initiative creating a more effective identity.  Lead and mentored staff of designers executing new logo creation, collateral and website which were also applied to all fundraising efforts. In partnership with the founders of the “One Laptop Per Child” program, prototypes for a unique learning platform consisting of online courses and library of translated books for various grade levels were also developed.


Because of pilot's outstanding success, outside investors and partners made future expansion of the program globally possible. The expansion included creation of an extended program that was administered to additional schools in underprivileged areas of Tanzania.


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